We dont sell ironing boards, we make great websites

Web Design

Website design has a high weighting on whether your website will be successful or not.  Its not always about pretty images or moving objects, its about the “user experience” and whether or not they found it easy to move in and around your website.

We specialise in “Usability” and in particular how your website encourages your visitors to stay interested and visit again.

Web design with success


Design Principles

Our design principles are clear and simple.

number01What the client wants

What are you trying to achieve with your website and how can we help you get there?  Are you trying to promote your business, sell your products, or inform the world with a community portal?  We have strategies to help you along your journey.

number02The Target Audience

Who is your target audience?  This is a key principle as the design process takes into account your target audience.  For example if you were promoting baby products we would suggest the website colours used were pink and light blues.

number03What Resources are available

What resources can we get from you?  This helps us get an understanding of what content, images, videos, and more, that you have to offer us to get started.  If we have to create images, photograph products, and write your content, then we can give you a better estimate of how long the job will take.

number04Explain the designs

Always provide the client with sound reasoning as to why we have laid a number of designs in front of them.  We don’t just grab a template and modify it, we actually put a lot of thought into making your designs.


Website Make-overs


Website Make-overs

If your website isn’t modern, fresh, or clean, then it probably needs a make-over.

Last year we gave 10 websites a make-over.  That’s nearly 1 site a month.  Why?  Because people ask us to rate their website.  Here is our high-level on how we go about rating your website.

number01Do we like the look of your website?

If we don’t like the look of your website we will let you know in the nicest possible way.

number02What year do we think your website was made?

This helps us determine the style your previous web designer was trying to achieve during that period of time.

number03Is it easy to navigate around?

If we can’t navigate around around your website easily, and we can’t answer the following questions, then we will rate your navigation low.  Is the navigation menu intuitive?  Do the links all work?  Can i search for content?

number04Do you get to the point?

Meaning do you actually tell your visitor what your site is about.

number05Can i view this website on my mobile phone?

These days a high percentage of your visitors will most likely be looking at your website from their mobile phone or tablet.


View our Portfolio

Over the last 15 years we have built hundreds of websites all over the world.  These range from Hertz Australia (2008), The London Mint (2006), sections of VirginBlue Australia (2008), to our own home grown Counties Manukau Rugby Union (2005).  Since settling back in New Zealand in 2009 we are focussed on the local businesses, communities, and individuals who want a great online representation and experience.  View some of our clients in our Portfolio.

The Ironing Board Portfolio


Website needing a make-over

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