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Online CMS

number01What is an Online CMS?

An Online CMS, or Content Management System, is an application that typically sits behind your website and has a number of tools that help you manage your website content.  It is normally accessed via secure username and password and can have a number of users managing content at any given time.

number02How much does it cost?

That depends on which CMS you want, whether there are plugin tools that may cost a few dollars per month, or sometimes the CMS is simply FREE.  We just charge you to link it to the design that we make for you.

number03Why are some CMS’s FREE?

Because the free ones are deemed as “Open Source“, meaning that thousands of developers around the world are writing plugins and offering them to you at a small cost.  These plugins help you manage your website content.  Therefore the CMS itself is FREE because the developers need a platform in which to write their plugins.

number04What functions are available with the CMS?

There are a number of functions, or tools, available in the CMS.  These range from:

  • Blog Posts and helpful plugin “widgets”
  • Menu Navigation
  • Page creation
  • General content
  • User Management
  • Community Profiles
  • Contact Forms
  • All types of media e.g. documents, photos, videos
  • SEO tools
  • and more.

number05What is the main CMS that you promote?

We use wordpress_logo_small mainly.  Its easy to configure, ties in well with our website designs, and is the most used CMS on the planet.  5 years ago people would say only use wordpress_logo_small to make a Blog website.  Today you would even be able to tell if the sites we make looked or felt remotely like a Blog website.


This is what the wordpress_logo_small Dashboard looks like.

WordPress Dashboard and Tools

The Ironing Board proudly uses WordPress

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